Listing of local competitions with approximate schedules. If you are interested in judging or being a steward, contact the competition organizers; there is always room for extra stewards and judges.

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From Our President
By now we’ll all tired of the snow and can’t wait for Spring. For me spring begins a few days early at the annual St. Patrick’s day brew session. This year it will be held on Saturday the 19th at my place in Frederick. I’m looking forward to see everyone and the newest additions to their brewing equipment. We’ll grill burgers and brats to share, an have coffee and donut to start the morning. In addition, Mike Kozar and I will have a competition or the best tasting corned beef brisket!

In addition to the fun FOAM events, as a club we also have brewing goals to reach for events we are attending.

Look for announcements for Battle of the Bubbles VI competition to be judged in May. We will have 15 BJCP 2015 categories with lots of great prizes.

FOAM will have a homebrew tent at the Stillpoint Farms Beer festival on June 4th, and need to provide some our fine brews to serve the attendees for about 5 hours. Free admission to the festival if you donate a 5 gallon keg -- I think the best part about being a homebrewer is to share your creation with folks who appreciate great beer you -- so if you donate beer, it would be fantastic if you would spend at least one hour serving it. And for those of you FOAMers attending the event, if you would be able to give at least ½ hour helping to serve at the FOAM tent that would be wonderful.

This year’s National Homebrewers Conference is also in June, and being held in Baltimore. Our goal is to have twenty 5 gallon kegs for Club Night, and 6 or more for the Social Club.

Three years ago in Philly, we had 24 club members in attendance at the NHA conference, this year in Baltimore I know we can do better. See for more information.

Watch the calendar, and follow FOAM at: to keep up with the latest news and events.

As always, any comments, questions, or suggested club activities, my e-mail is:

Mike Lamb
FOAM President
(January '16)

The Club
Frederick's Original Ale Makers is a homebrew club targeted to those who are interested in sharing ideas and techniques in the quest to brew the ultimate beer.  Brewing your own beer is not necessary but is strongly encouraged.

Meetings consist of information sharing, as well as sharing your homebrew, to get opinions and tips on how to continually grow and make your beer better.  Many of our meetings include guests from breweries from both far and near.  Several of our meetings have been held at local breweries where tours are held.

If you are interested in joining the club, please contact our Membership Coordinator Richard Fawley, or download, fill in and mail the FOAM Membership Application.  The cost of membership is $25.00 a year.  This fee offsets the cost of having guests from other breweries, as well as the cost of the special events, parties and picnics that we hold throughout the year.

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FOAM strives to encourage responsible consumption and production of quality homebrew ales and lagers.