FOAM Cup Results 2019


March 2019:  Cat 21- IPA (21A American IPA and 21B Specialty IPA – Belgian, Brown, Black, Red, Rye, White, NEIPA,  etc).

1st Place – Steve Frank – 21B New England IPA

2nd Place – James Hatfield – 21B Brut IPA

3rd Place – Steve Donaldson – 21A American IPA

May 2019:  Iron Mash – Any category you wish but you must use Ginger in your brew.

1st Place – Steve Donaldson – American Pale Ale with Ginger

2nd Place – Chris Thompson – English Porter with Ginger

3rd Place – Chris Stover – Ginger stout aged in a Rum Barrel

September 2019:  Cat 26 – Trappist Ale (26A Trappist Single, 26B Belgian Dubbel, 26C Belgian Tripel and 26D Belgian Dark Strong Ale).

1st Place – Chris Thompson – Trappist Single

2nd Place – Piet Huiberts – Belgian Dubbel

3rd Place – James Hatfield – Belgian Dubbel

November 2019:  Cat 16 – Dark British Beer (16A Sweet Stout, 16B Oatmeal Stout, 16C Tropical Stout and 16D Foreign Extra Stout).

1st Place –

2nd Place –

3rd Place –

Standings for FOAM Brewer of the Year 2019:

Chris Thompson5
Steven Donaldson4
Steve Frank3
James Hatfield3
Piet Huiberts2
Chris Stover1