FOAM Cup Rules

FOAM Brewer of the Year Information

There’s a new twist to the FOAM Cups starting in 2007:  We are using the results of the FOAM Cups to tabulate points towards an award for “FOAM Brewer of the Year”.

Each time your entry places in the FOAM Cup, you earn points toward the FOAM Brewer of the Year award.

Points are allocated as follows, based on the results of each FOAM Cup:

First Place

3 points

Second Place

2 points

Third Place

1 point

Naturally, there’s some fine print:

  1. Points can only be earned for one entry per FOAM Cup; so pick your best beer to enter if you have more than one (your name can only be listed on one entry).
  2. Multiple brewers may be listed on a given entry, and each co-brewer will get the full point allocation (e.g. in the case of 2nd place, each co-brewer earns 2 points)
  3. In the unlikely event of a tie/deadlocked decision on any given FOAM Cup, the tied entrants will divide the points for both places (e.g. tie for 2nd, each gets (2+1)/2=1.5 points)
  4. The sum of earned points for each brewer over the four FOAM Cups during the year determines the placing for Brewer of the Year; top point count wins the award.
  5. The FOAM Officers retain the right to amend these rules as needed during the contest year.


Best of Show Format

 We find that this method streamlines the process a lot.  The main judging of the beers for the FOAM Cup is be done in a “Best of Show” format.   This means that there is no BJCP score sheet completed for each beer.  Instead, the beers are lined up against each other, and the judge panel compares them one on one, and they decide (we hope quickly) on a 1-2-3 ranking of the top three beers.

 This format will speed up the judging a lot. This will also help us get the results of each FOAM Cup during the meeting.

Anyone wishing to have full scoresheets completed and a more thorough evaluation of their beer can bring a second bottle. The second bottle will be judged by certified BJCP judges, at a later time, with the scoresheets emailed back to you afterwards.


Resolving Ties for FOAM Brewer of the Year

A tie occurs when two or more brewers, but not “co-brewers,” have the same number of points after the November (or final) FOAM cup competition of the year. If the tie is between brewers that are co-brewers on all the brews, they are not eligible for this tiebreaker. In that case, the co-brewers would win the FOAM cup and share the prize. In the event of a tie, the FOAM Cup organizer (Bill at this time) will choose a specific BJCP beer style (eg, 11B:Best Bitter) at random from a hat at the November meeting after the final FOAM cup has been judged and a tie has been confirmed. The hat will contain at least one lager and 6 total styles out of categories 1-26. Thus, if it looks like there will be a tie, we will have these styles picked out before the November FOAM cup and be ready for the drawing after the final results are announced. Once the style is chosen, those that are tied will have to brew a batch of the chosen style.

FOAM will provide the ingredients and brewers have to bring their beer (at least 2 bottles) to the February meeting for judging. At this meeting, we will have a panel of judges (Preferably all BJCP. No fewer than 3 and an odd number) decide the winner. All entries should also be brought (bottles or keg) and shared at the Super Bowl party as the ingredients were purchased by FOAM.